University Film Productions - Re Branding Announcement

Hi, Luke Lashley here. I am the founder of University Film Productions and I have some news that I'm super excited to share with you! We have made great progress in the past 13 months, and that's why we have re-branded UFP into two new companies. The new brands are:

  1. Bring Light and Sound (Commercial Film)
  2. Bring Works (Wedding & Small Documentaries)

Our team is pumped to share our new names with you. We decided to re brand for 3 reasons which I've outlined below:

  1. Clarity - A common question we received was, "Are you directly affiliated with film programs at Universities?". And the answer was "Nope, we're a private company." After receiving this question time and time again it occurred to us that our name was somewhat misleading. Furthermore, a large portion of our crew is no longer in school and we have outgrown the "university" themed branding. 
  2. Search-ability - If you Google search "University Film Productions", Google pulls up every major film school in the nation. We tried everything we could to boost our search ranking, but realized that due to the name of our company, it would be far fetched to have "University Film Productions" ever reach the first page of Google. 
  3. A Bigger Vision - University Film Productions started with just 3 college students brain storming in a small apartment in West Campus near the University of Texas. We set a goal of assembling a student-led film crew that could produce wedding films, and (one day) produce commercial film projects. We're proud to say our initial goal was achieved MUCH faster than we anticipated. So, by separating the company into two distinct brands, we have created a vision that will last decades into the future. 

This re-brand marks a bold new direction for us, and great new things for you! Here's how it effects you:

  1. If you are already booked with us - Nothing is different! The agreement you have with us still stands. The same exact crew be filming your project. The only difference is when you receive your film, it will have our new logo on it rather than a University Film Productions logo. 
  2. If you haven't booked, but have received a proposal - Nothing about your proposal will change! We would never do the "bait and switch" move on you. That's not how we roll. Your proposal is still 100% valid and you're welcome to move forward at anytime. The only difference is that when you make your deposit, you will be making it to our new name rather than University Film Productions. 
  3. If you haven't booked or received a proposal - Check out our new websites below! They are absolutely awesome. 

Thank you for helping us learn and grow as company. We're excited to take everything that has made University Film Productions great and build upon it to make our new brands amazing. 

Luke Lashley
Founder, University Film Productions

Click here to visit our commercial site, Bring Light and Sound. 

Click here to visit our wedding site, Bring Works.